Valerie Davide – artist (1938-2017)

Born in London the year before the outbreak of war, Val’s formative years were challenging to say the least. Sanctuary came during periods spent with her grandparents in North Cornwall where she later settled herself for many years.

After a successful career as a Counsellor for people with addictions Valerie turned her attentions to drawing. Over the course of her working life she had often introduced art therapy into her sessions to a mutually fulfilling response. Upon retiring and settling down to beach life Valerie was able to fully indulge herself into her world of curious cows, terrible terriers and big nostrilled horses. Sometimes it’s like a car crash in a farm yard with hilarious consequences but no fatalities.

Yes, it would be fair to say that Valerie viewed much of life through a fish eye lens and didn’t take it too seriously.

Having re-trained herself to paint and draw with her left hand, she saw her work loosen up to the point of rabid fluidity. Her lines ebb and flow across the paper to the point when you momentarily wonder where they are going, until the image emerges – right in your face and brimming with attitude, ready to lick your neck, bite your ankle or do worse to your leg.

Depending on her mood Valerie depicted a flared nostrilled horse ready to nuzzle your pockets for treats, a spread eagled Jack Russell proudly showing off its bits or a cow with Liza Minelli eyelashes. What you always need to look at are the eyes as this is where she really made her mark, expressive and the focal point of all her work.

The real brilliance to Valerie’s work was the spontaneity that it positively oozes, she never over worked a drawing, each piece is a spontaneous out pouring of energy, deconstructed and free – madcap? Oh yes. Artistry without boundaries? Most definitely

Val sadly passed away in January 2017 in Eastbourne, East Sussex leaving Daniel her husband and children John and Lesley.

Knowing Val was a privilege, she was a life changing woman to know and bought fun and sunshine in to the lives of everyone that knew her. Her sense of mischief made her the life and soul of any gathering and she is missed by family, friends and her adoring fans.

Val’s legacy and genius is internationally recognized with armies of collectors across the US, Australia and Europe.

For a more information about Val, you can read  ‘A Devilish Streak of Madness’ published in 2011 and available here.