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Sad News

Published In: News Created Date: 2017-01-12 Hits: 1753

With sadness we have to break the news that Valerie Davide passed away on January 3rd 2017.

It is with immense sadness that we have to break the news that our beloved Valerie Davide passed away on January 3rd 2017.
Val was a remarkable woman who touched the hearts of so many people, many of which she would never have known about. Self-deprecating and ever humble, she never really comprehended what people saw in her unique work, her ‘silly scribbles’ as she once referred to them.  The fact that with effortless ability she captured the heart and soul of the animals she drew was lost on her – the fact that thousands of adoring fans saw their own animals in her studies even more so.

Val had an empathy born out of her own early struggles in life, she took nothing for granted and appreciated each and every act of kindness. She possessed an insightfulness that I have never come across in anyone else. I remember interviewing her for my book, and listening back to the recording later realised that she had gleaned as much information about me as I had from her and I never even realised she was doing it.  And yet she was such fun, mischievous, highly amusing, great company and a seemingly endless supplier of outrageous anecdotes, she lit up the room.

Knowing Val was a privilege, she was a life changing woman to so many, and I am so grateful for the years that I was able to call her a friend; I shall miss her so much.   Her genius will live on in the legacy of her work that barks, purrs and snorts from walls all over the world. Bless you my friend.