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Welcome to our new online store

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Welcome to May contain Mutts

Welcome to May Contain Mutts, a web site dedicated to the work of London born artist Valerie Davide. For those in the know she is already regaled as an artist of genius and madness in equal measure.  Bursting with expression and personality her studies in charcoal speak to the viewer, their noses almost snuffle, tails swish, whiskers twitch, check them out if you don’t believe me, her affinity with her sitters is unsurpassed.

At the moment we are able to offer original drawings and an array of merchandise from calendars to mugs but much more is in the pipeline.

As  a new website we value your feedback so please let us know your thoughts as your views are important to us.

Enjoy your foray into the madcap world of Valerie Davide.

The May Contain Mutts team.